Top Ten Things We Want In TES VI

With the release of Fallout 4, our thoughts have shifted to what we hope will be Bethesda’s next project, once they’re done making the Fallout 4 DLC. That project, we hope, is The Elder Scrolls VI (6)! Now before I go too far, let me say that much speculation has been done already on TES VI, and many people have thrown their opinions, “theories”, and ideas about where it will be, what it’ll be like, and what features will be in it! For the more hard core RPG fans, this speculation has brought up fear that the next Elder Scrolls game will have even less RPG elements in it than the previous title, Skyrim.

This isn’t to say I myself don’t like Skyrim, but as someone who started out in the earlier Elder Scrolls games, it’s been obvious that Bethesda has been going further and further from the RPG genre, and more towards the action type of game play. This isn’t a bad thing for them, in fact it seems to have worked fairly well for their bottom line, but for those of us who built up the series from the get go, who played the older games and want to see more of the world we fell in love with, it’s a night mare. It’s one thing to tweak game play to improve a game, it’s an entirely other thing to completely remove all elements of the game world that made it what it once was, a fun CRPG series. One amazing aspect of earlier Elder Scrolls games was the replay-ability of the games. There were limits in the game to what you could do in one play-through. In Morrowind, you could only join one of the great houses, meaning you had to play another character to experience climbing to the top of another house. There were also restrictions to how high you could climb in a guild based on what you had done for the guild, and if your skills fell in line with what they were looking for in a higher ranking individual. For example, you could be a pure melee warrior and join the Mage’s Guild, but if you wanted to advance, you’d have to break character and learn skills that aren’t going to help you level very much, in order to rank up. However, if you joined the fighters guild, you’d be the leader in no time if you simply kept up with the skills you normally use anyway, and stuck to your duties. These elements were removed in later games, thereby allowing any old Joe to climb the ranks of a guild, even if he had no skill in what the guild used. This might seem like a good idea, but it helps to remove a role play aspect in the game. Not only that, but it breaks immersion, and makes the guilds more watered down. Some may see these things as a good thing, because it makes the game easier, and means you can spend less time on the game, but for those of us that like the earlier games limits and possibilities, it’s a horrible thing. One may argue that you can impose the restrictions to yourself, but given the sense of urgency of the npcs who are in the guild, their desire to promote you without you asking, and the pressure they give you to join the guilds in the first place, makes doing so more difficult.

With that said, my partner in crime, Dave, and I have come up with a list of top ten things we would really like to see in the next Elder Scrolls game… these things probably won’t happen… but that won’t stop us from coming up with ideas! We would love to know your thoughts as well! You can either post them here, or head on over to the video and post them there!


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